Friday, December 28, 2012

Introducing Trousering Your Weasel, where seventy of my most snortworthy essays have been quarantined for your safety in one handy spot. Cubic wombat poop, whale shrapnel, the continuing menace of a Baby Boom generation that will not die--it's all here, and illustrated beyond all reason with original drawings. What will it take to get you into this book today? Glad you asked. There are three ways to begin trousering, so far, and here they are, in order of which will do me (and you) the most good:

(1) You can contact me directly. Send me a request by email, including your shipping address, and any instructions about how you would like your book(s) inscribed. You can pay by sending a check, or you can pay via your PayPal account by clicking on the “Send Money” tab and using the email address

If paying by check, kindly send to:

Murr Brewster
5106 NE 29th Avenue
Portland Oregon 97211

Price (domestic)
$13 per book. Shipping & Handling add $4 for one, $1 extra each for additional books

(2) You can order your copy through my Createspace Store. They do take a slice for themselves.

(3) Or you can go directly to and order one there. They keep an even bigger slice for themselves, but I won't think less of you for it.

So shoot me an email by clicking here, and in the meantime, for those of you who have already received your books, what did you think? Go ahead and hit the comment section and let everyone know what they're in for. Think of it as a public service.